Why hire me?


I am a one of a kind candidate with a unique combination of skills. I learned to use most multimedia creation tools as an autodidact before pursuing my education in France, Ontario and Québec. My area of expertise covers the fields of Communications, Marketing, Multimedia Creation, and Information and Communications Technology. Not only do I have the skills for four positions, but I can work in both of Canada’s official languages.

I worked for one year at a web-marketing agency where I specialized in Search Engine Optimization and developed a taste for new challenges. I also interned at a full-marketing agency for a four-month duration. During this internship, I took on various tasks (marketing research, development of digital advertising campaigns, content writing, translation of campaign materials), but most of my time was dedicated to launching and a promoting a national social media campaign that attracted over 94,000 people on one of FPAC’s website (TheGreenestWorkforce.ca).

Besides my experience and skills, I have a unique personality that fits today’s innovative business needs. I am a creative strategist with great organizational skills. I work as efficiently in a team as I do independently. I am curious and open-minded, and I love to learn new things. I have traveled in seven countries, and I have studied in 3 universities. Because I wanted to acquire a deeper understanding of the world, I chose to complete my education with a variety of subjects (economics, politics, social science research, photography, and so on), each of which offers a different perspective on given issues.

I have a deep interest in marketing communications strategy, and I aspire to work at a position that requires both creativity and strategic thinking. I am looking for a job involving a variety of tasks, responsibilities and challenges. All in all, I wish to become part of a dynamic and innovative team in which I can grow as a professional.


I think they would say: “Jérôme is a very resourceful, reliable, and hard-working collaborator. He is open-minded and has all the best qualities of an introvert: he observes, listens, and thinks outside the box. He often suggests new ideas to improve performance. He is passionate, ambitious and very perseverant. Jérôme is always up for a new challenge. He enjoys taking on new responsibilities and he never disappoints.”




“I found Jerome to be very motivated, eager to learn and creative. […] Not only is Jerome a solid independent worker, he is also great collaborator, often sharing great ideas backed by marketing research to improve our campaigns. I would not hesitate in recommending Jerome for a position requiring an effective, creative and dedicated marketing professional.”

– Jonathan M., Marketing Specialist at Cyan Solutions.


“Jérôme a toutes les compétences techniques et humaines, pour accéder et occuper un poste d’encadrement. […] c’est un collaborateur efficace qui ne ménage pas ses efforts. Quand il ne maîtrise pas une problématique, il sait trouver la solution. J’entends par là, qu’il peut remuer « ciel et terre » pour obtenir la bonne information de la bonne personne. Cette prise d’initiative, n’est pas donnée à tout le monde.”

– Fabien B., Expert senior en webmarketing.